Re-load faster

Speedloader Swift with 2 cartridges, ready for a faster re-load
Speedloader Swift Image

Re-load faster with a Speedloader Swift

With Speedloader Swift the next pair of shells are right there in your hand. You'll be re-loading so much faster.

Re-loading is a single smooth action with no fumbling or dropped shells.

Close the breech and you're back in the game. And, with practise, you don't even need to look, so you can keep your eye on the target.

Speedloader Swift is so comfortable you'll forget you're holding it. It won't affect your aim.

Use with 12 gauge: Side-by-side or over-under.

Load your gun, Load your Swift and double your firepower.


Held comfortably in your hand even as you aim and shoot.


Smooth slide and release action.

Speedloader Swift in action

See how Speedloader Swift speeds up reloading times. These videos show the Speedloader Swift being used to cut re-load times.

Speedloader Swift reloading sequence. 12 bore under-over shotgun.

Speedloader Swift test with Ricol short barrel shotgun

Shooting 4 clays in quick succession. Re-loading with Speedloader Swift

Speedloader Swift reloading 12 bore shotgun, low angle view.