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You will be pleased to know that your 'speedloader' has undergone extensive field testing on a goose shoot on the moors around Dovestone reservoir. The gentleman using the 'loader is the gamekeeper on the estate and knows a thing or two about shooting, he was impressed. The usual pattern is to line several cartridges up on a fence or wall in front of you so you can reload quicker than if using a bag or belt. Rodger the game keeper had his 'speedloader' loaded and in the belt ready, his shooting party were very interested. After the shoot was over the party were very impressed and all wanted to know where to get them from.......Top secret he said.
Chris. UK

Hi, just wanted to let you know that we did a test of your product in the largest online hunting magazine in Sweden. Excellent product. I bought it some time ago from you and always have it with me on driven hunts.
Rickard. Jakt Magazine. Sweden

Looking forward to receiving speedloaders, have tried them, fantastic equipment for people like me who shoot.
Johs. Denmark

I received the speedloaders and love them.  They work great.
John. UK